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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Another inspiring piece from the master of flash animation.

This loop is no Ghetto Delta Airlines, BUT it is a meaningful taste of Luis' style. Some artists make a play on your less satisfying emotions. Luis doesn't have time for negativity, because he's busy making you laugh or reminding you why you wake up in the morning. This flash represents the brighter side to a struggle which we can all relate. It brings us closer to the author. It shows that regardless of who you are, artist or viewer, we share a common sentiment. We all can't wait until that day, the best day, to peak its head over the horizon and embrace us with its sunny rays of relief. No matter the month... No matter the season... Friday will always be there for us.

This loop lacks neither meaning nor style. Notice how the animation is so simple, yet so complex. By making low res sprites flow like the Mississippi, the author shows us there need not be limits when it comes to expression. Luis mocks his competition by effortlessly animating his shower-thoughts in the same afternoon he thinks them. While it may have taken another other artist 3-5 hours to create a similar animation, Luis probably had this polished in less than an hour. When time is not limited, neither is your creative expression.

A normal artist would have spent their time working on a more fiscal project, but not this guy! Luis is subliminally showing his motive. I'll give you a hint: it's not for the fame and not for the fortune.

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Luis responds:

this luis guy sounds amazing! Thank you